On individual Employment relationships
  • Drafting, negotiating and revising employment contracts (Restrictive covenants, variable remuneration, working time arrangement, etc.)
  • Implementing variable remuneration plans
  • Implementing disciplinary processes and dealing with discrimination and moral / sexual harassment issues
  • Assistance during administration checks : DIRECCTE, URSSAF et Inspection du Travail
  • Terminating employment relationships (mutual termination process, termination process for misperformance, disciplinary or economic grounds, inability etc.)
  • Advice and assistance in case of control from the French administration
  • Individual disputes with current or former employees related to the performance or the termination of the employment contract before Labor Courts
  • Individual litigation related to the execution or termination of the employment contract before social courts
On collective employment relationships
  • Organizing staff representative bodies’ elections and managing relationships with elected employees (election process of the Social and Economic Committee, right of alert, internal regulations of staff representatives bodies, assistance during recurring or specific consultation process, etc.)
  • Implementing internal regulations (homeworking, variable remuneration, IT and social network, code of conduct, data protection, working time arrangement etc.)
  • Dealing with social aspects of reorganization / restructuring and business transfer (including collective redundancies, collective mutual terminations and collective performance agreements)
  • Dealing with health and safety issues (occupational accident and diseases, mandatory internal regulations, occupational risk assessment document etc.)
  • Implementing and revising healthcare, welfare and pension coverage
  • Social practices audit .